Photo by Jon Miyashiro

The Hawaii Electricians Training Fund (HETF) is a 501(c)(5) organization established on August 15, 1962.  As an employer benefit trust fund, HETF's purpose is to provide educational benefits to IBEW 1186 members who meet our Fund's eligibility requirements as determined by our Trustees. HETF is administered by a board of Trustees of whom three are "Union Trustees" and three are "Employer Trustees".  HETF's principle office of the Trust is located in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Akito "Blackie" Fujikawa Building (1935 Hau Street).  HETF training centers have been established on island of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.  Throughout the years, HETF has administered apprenticeship training programs, safety training programs, and skill-development training programs.  With this long-standing history of excellence in training, HETF will continue to serve the plan beneficiaries well into the future.



Question:  What is a Hawaii Electricians Training Fund Beneficiary?

Answer: A Training Fund Beneficiary is someone whose employer (a Signatory Contractor to the IBEW Local Union 1186) pays into the Hawaii Electricians Training Fund on their behalf.  Training Contribution amounts can be found by referring to the most current Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

Question:  What benefits do I receive as a Training Fund Beneficiary?

Answer: Training Fund Beneficiaries have the ability to attend all apprenticeship, safety and skill-related training classes at no charge.  The Training Contributions that your employer contributes to the Hawaii Electricians Training Fund on your behalf pay for your class fees.  This benefit also allows Training Beneficiaries to take, at no additional cost, the new minimum qualification classes that, as of July 2013, will be in effect for licensing requirements.  Training Beneficiaries will save over $5,400 because they are not required to pay additional fees for these training courses.  Full details on the "New Minimum Qualifications for Electricians Effective July 1, 2013" can be found under the "General Info" section of our website.