Please see the "RECRUITMENT" page for any open recruitments.  Please check back frequently for updates on recruitment for the Telecom/CATV Apprenticeship Program if no recruitment is open at this time.


About the TELECOM-CATV Apprenticeship Program

The Telecommunications-CATV Industry is fast expanding and becoming more complicated.  New methods, materials and equipment are constantly being introduced.  Also recognized is the need to comply with the Title 12, Chapter 31, Administrative Rules, Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, the Hawaii State Plan for Equal Employment Opportunity in Apprenticeship Training.

In recognition of these facts and for the purpose of supplying an adequate number of skilled and properly trained crafts-persons; with equality of opportunity in the industry, the Telecom/CATV Apprenticeship Program is prepared to train apprentices to become licensed electrical workers (State of Hawaii EJS license – low-voltage less than 50 volts).


Scope of Work

  • Working with Telephone & Data Systems
  • Cable TV Systems
  • Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Telecom Worker: EJS License (Low-Voltage less than 50 volts)


Minimum Requirements

  • Have completed the twelfth (12th) grade of school or equivalent, or successfully have passed the GED (General Education Development test); provide copy of diploma or GED.
  • Pass the industry test with a minimum score established by the Hawaii Electricians Joint Apprenticeship Committee.
  • Show evidence of successful completion of high school Algebra 1 (not Pre-Algebra) or higher math. Provide grade transcript from institution.
  • Be capably fit to perform the duties of the trade.
  • Be a United States citizen to work on U.S. military bases.


Term of Apprenticeship

The Telecom/CATV Apprenticeship Program consists of 6,000 hours (approximately 3 years) of on-the-job training supplemented by 480 hours of related classroom instruction.


Apprentice Step/Period

Wages based on percentage of Journeyworker Rate.  

1st Step    (0 – 1000 Hrs)           60%

2nd Step   (1001 – 2000 Hrs)     65%

3rd Step    (2001 – 3000 Hrs)     70%

4th Step    (3001 – 4000 Hrs)     75%

5th Step    (4001 – 5000 Hrs)     80%

6th Step    (5001 – 6000 Hrs)     90%