Photo by Jon Miyashiro

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a well-organized and supervised training method that we use to enable people with little or no prior knowledge of our craft or trade to become a licensed electrician.  It is an “earn-while-you-learn” program as the on-the-job portion of the training is a full-time, well-paid job.  

  • Apprentices are employed under a Union contract, which includes regular wage increases and diversified training.

  • You are paid good wages while you learn.

  • You will gain experience using the most modern practices.

  • You will work under the direction of a Competent Journey-Worker who will teach you the trade in the shop and at the job-site. You will receive close personal attention.

  • Apprentices attend their apprenticeship school on their own time.

What do we look for in candidates?

We are seeking men and women of all races who demonstrate the best character, aptitude, motivation and traits conducive to success in our trade.  Employers and Union representatives who make up the JAC, interview all qualified candidates in an effort to select only the best candidates.

A good candidate is one with a record of having done well in school, especially in math and in science, one who has demonstrated reliability, possesses a sincere desire to succeed, and one who has a positive attitude and a desire to work hard.  The electrical construction trade is an occupation requiring a high-level of knowledge and skill which we teach to hundreds of successful, qualified, and fortunate individuals.

Recruitment Process

Upon the need of apprentices, open recruitment is held and applicants must meet the minimum requirements, pass the NJATC Aptitude Test, be interviewed and ranked then placed in the “pool of eligible”.   This list is kept for a period of two years.   It is from this list candidates are selected to be indentured as an apprentice, should the need for more apprentices arises.