Please see the "RECRUITMENT" page for open recruitments.  Please check back frequently for updates on recruitment for the Lineman Apprenticeship Program if no recruitment is open at this time.


Minimum Requirements

  • Have completed the twelfth (12th) grade of school or equivalent, or successfully have passed the General Educational Development (GED), and must submit a high-school transcript and post-high school transcripts, if any.
  • Have completed the National Joint Apprenticeship & Training (NJATC) math course or one-year of satisfactory completion of high-school Algebra I (not Pre-Algebra) or higher.
  • Pass the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC) Aptitude Test with a minimum score established by the Committee.
  • Be capably fit to perform the duties of the trade.
  • Meet the minimum age requirement of 18 at the time of application (must provide evidence of minimum age respecting any applicable State laws or regulations).
  • Be a United States citizen in order to work on U.S. Military Bases.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Have successfully passed a CDL physical.
  • Pay an application fee at the time of application. (Any returned check will be charged a handling fee and application will be withheld from further processing until full payment has been paid).


Term of Apprenticeship

The lineman term of apprenticeship is a total of 7,000 work hours.Each apprentice shall satisfactorily complete the prescribed three (3) year course of related instruction consisting of approximately 160 hours per year.


Apprentice Step/Period

Wages based on percentage of Journeyworker Rate.  As of 08/23/15, current Journeyworker Rate is $43.05.

1st Step       (0 – 1000 hrs)           60%

2nd Step      (1001 – 2000 hrs)     65%

3rd Step       (2001 – 3000 hrs)     70%

4th Step       (3001 – 4000 hrs)     75%

5th Step       (4001 – 5000 hrs)     80%

6th Step       (5001 – 6000 hrs)     85%

7th Step       (6001 – 7000 hrs)     90%