New Minimum Qualifications for Electricians


Those who submit an application postmarked by June 30, 2013 will follow the "Current Requirements" whereas those who submit an application postmarked after June 30, 2013 will follow the "Requirements Effective July 1, 2013" in addition to the new educational requirements.

Minimum qualifications for the various electrician classifications shall be amended on July 1, 2013 pursuant to HRS section 448E-5(b) as follows:

1.  The minimum experience requirements for the journey worker specialty electrician, journey worker industrial electrician, supervising specialty electricians, and the supervising industrial electrician licensing classifications shall be amended as follows:

Classification Requirements Effective July 1, 2013
Journeyworker Electrician (EJ) 5-yrs and 10,000-hrs
Supervising Electrician (ES) 4-yrs as a licensed EJ or equivalent
Journeyworker Specialty Electrician (EJS) 3-yrs and 6,000-hrs
Supervising Specialty Electrician (ESS) 2-yrs as a licensed EJS or equivalent
Journeyworker Industrial Electrician (EJI) 4-yrs and 8,000-hrs
Supervising Industrial Electrician (ESI) 3-yrs as a licensed EJI or equivalent


2.  The following classifications shall have a new educational requirement (i.e. applicants are required to have satisfactorily completed electrical academic coursework that is accepted by a University of Hawaii community college offering an appropriate program of study):

Classification Coursework
Journeyworker Electrician (EJ) 240-hrs of electrical academic coursework
Journeyworker Specialty Electrician (EJS) 120-hrs of electrical academic coursework
Journeyworker Industrial Electrician (EJI) 200-hrs of electrical academic coursework
Maintenance Electrician (EM) 80-hrs of electrical academic coursework