spectrum skills training program policies

class conduct, absence, tardiness

Students in the SPECTRUM Skills Training Program (“Program”) shall comply with  the policies of the Program  to complete the training in a timely manner.    Class attendance will be on your own time.

1.            Students shall comply with these policies regarding behavior, instructions, etc.   An instructor has the authority to refuse admission and to send a student home if the student does not follow the directions of the instructor.   A student attending class without the proper books and/or class materials and completed homework assignments may be refused admission to class and be charged with an un-excused absence for the day.  Continued non-compliance of completing assigned work may result in discharge from a class without receiving any credit.

2.           A student shall not be under the influence of any narcotic or alcohol while at work and in class.   The student who violates this requirement will be asked to leave the class and this violation will be reported to the Training Office and student’s employer.

3.            A student is not allowed to use a cellular phone (including texting) during class.  Cell phone shall be “off” or on “silent” mode.   In cases of emergency, the student shall ask permission from the instructor to use the phone and any use shall be made outside of the classroom and be kept as short as possible.    Students abusing this privilege will be subject to disciplinary action.

4.          A student who is disrespectful or disorderly during class may be asked to leave the class and or program.  In certain cases, a disrespectful or disorderly student may be required to appear before the Training Committee for review in order to be allowed to continue on in the Skill-Upgrade Program.

5.              Tablets/laptops brought to class and internet usage will be for class use only as permitted by the instructor.

6.            It is the responsibility of the student to sign the class sign-in sheet to receive credit for the class.   A student who fails to sign-in will not be given credit for the class held on that date.

7.            Students are required to successfully complete their scheduled class(es). In the event of an excused absence, the student shall work with the instructor (at his discretion) to make-up assignment(s)/tests etc.  

A student may be excused for absence for any of the following reasons:

·         Illness or injury as evidenced by a medical doctor’s certificate which must be submitted no later than one (1) week following absence unless such submission cannot be made due to hospitalization or extended illness as confirmed by the student’s attending physician.

·         Death or serious illness or injury involving any of the following members of a student’s immediate family:  spouse, child, brother, sister, parents, mother-in-law, father-in-law, or grandparents.

·         Detention by State, County or Federal law enforcement agencies.

·         Military reserve duty as evidenced by a written excuse (Orders) from Commanding Officer or Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC).

·         “Emergency Work” Based on Employer sending to the instructor written notice regarding emergency work, which will then allow student  to make-up time for absence and  assignments/tests.

On requests for excused absence (other than those listed above), the Training Committee shall, on a case-to-case basis, determine whether to give approval of “excused” absence.   Student shall coordinate with instructor to make-up all missed assignments/tests/exams.

8.            “Standby Work”.    A student scheduled for “standby work” during a class  period   shall be responsible to find a  replacement to cover student’s “standby work”.

9.            Tardiness.  A student who arrives to class more than 10 minutes after the scheduled time shall be marked tardy and be penalized with a reduction of ½ hour of instructional time.  If more than 30 minutes tardy, the student shall be penalized with  one (1) un-excused absence.   If tardy arrival is due to work, then student’s employer shall submit written letter to Training Office for review and decision on penalties.   The Training Office is coordinating with SPECTRUM on work schedules so students can attend scheduled class(es) on time.   Therefore, a student should not have to work if it will cause tardy arrival and should also not be scheduled to work night shift.   However, if there is “emergency work”, the employer shall send written notice and the student will not be penalized.  Such student will be given the opportunity to make-up time and make-up assignments/tests.

10.          Penalties for Failing to Attend Class.   A $150 penalty will be assessed against student for failing to attend or complete a class.  If the student fails to pay the $150 penalty, then the student shall no longer be eligible to attend the class (which means loss of eligibility for promotion) and be moved to the bottom of the priority list to be eligible for future classes.   If the student pays the $150 penalty, then the student may attend the next class according to the priority list, but if student then fails to attend another class, the student shall lose eligibility to attend the current class and go to the bottom of the priority list to take future classes (which means loss of eligibility for promotion until after future classes are successfully completed). ENFORCEMENT EFFECTIVE 01/01/2018

11.          A student who leaves class early without the instructor’s approval will be marked with an unexcused absence for that day.

12.          A student should not travel when class is in session. 

13.          Students shall maintain passing grades to successfully complete the training as determined by the instructor (who will take into consideration attendance, class participation etc.).  Students must pass the test/assessment of the applicable module in order to obtain credit for the class. Student who fails a test/exam shall be scheduled for a make-up test/exam at the instructor’s discretion.  Multiple failures or a failure to reschedule a test/exam shall result in a non-passing grade in the class and no credit will be given for the class.  Partial credit will not be given for incomplete classes.

14.          Students are required to complete all assignments and bring all required textbooks and class materials to class.

15.          Some classes may require annual refresher training to maintain a current certification and students shall attend refresher training to be current.  For example, Pole Climbing and FA/CPR/AED Training need annual refresher training.

16.          From time to time, the Training Committee may review the classes contained in the Skill-Upgrade Program and may deem it necessary to adjust and update classes.  All students of the Program are encouraged to attend updates in order to improve  their training and further their knowledge of the trade. The employer may require attendance of the updated classes.  Students who have been newly promoted to a change in classification without attending the update classes shall be required to attend the update classes.

17.          Participants currently attending their scheduled pathways (program) shall attend all updates that the Training Committee deems necessary for completion of their program.

18.          Students may be given the opportunity to “test-out” of certain modules upon special review by the Training Committee. 

·         RF Signal – (30 hrs. “test-out” credit only; 50 hrs. mandatory class)

·         Pole Climbing

·         AC/DC – Theory only (12-Hours)

19.          Pre-Requisites for Amplifiers and Modulation Module

Students for the Amplifiers and Modulation Module must complete the pre-requisites below in order to be scheduled for the Amplifiers and Modulation Module:

·         AC/DC – 40 Hrs (ST/MT/CL/FS)

·         RF Signal – 80 Hrs (ST/MT)    

·         RF Signal (Plant) 30 Hrs (CL/FS)

If a student attends and complete the Amplifier and Modulation Module without meeting the pre-requisites, student will not be granted credit for Amplifier and Modulation Module.

20.          These policies are subject to future amendments as deemed necessary by the SPECTRUM  JTC Sub-Committee and the SPECTRUM Joint Training Committee.

21.          All comments and complaints pertaining to the Skills-Upgrade Program should be submitted to the Training Office at 1935 Hau Street, Room 301 or call 808-847-0629.


Employees will be scheduled in order according to the following policy:

1)      Promoted employees

2)      Blue collar seniority date (only applies for being scheduled within the scheduled skill-upgrade calendar year – class start dates within that year will be assigned accordingly and will not be subject to Blue Collar Seniority date)

3)      No shows are put at the bottom of the list and based on first come first serve basis (payments must be made in full before being added back onto the list – see #10)

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otwc skills training program policies

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