Man Dies After Falling From a Scaffold in Makiki

This accident occurred on February 8, 2013.  A man was working on an improperly contructed scaffold.  The reports state that he fell 30 feet and sustained critical injuries and later died.  That is why OSHA has strict laws regarding work on scaffolds and scaffold construction.

The Hawaii Electricians Training Fund currnetly offers training to meet just about all of your scaffold training needs.  We currently offer User/Awareness training that is mandated by OSHA for all workers who may be expected to work on a scaffold.  We also have a Competent Person level class which is needed for all companies with scaffolds because part of the duties of the competent person is to conduct mandatory daily inspections.  Other items that are covered in the scaffold section are Aerial Lifts/Bucket Trucks and Scissor Lifts, which we are also capable of providing training for.

Please contact our office if you or your company need training for scaffolds, aerial lifts/bucket trucks, or scissor lifts.


KITV News footage of the accident site:


OSHA 29CFR1926 Subpart L - Scaffolds