Dawning of a new day...

It has been 176 days since I have come on board as the the Hawaii Electricians Training Fund's Safety Coordinator.  With a new coordinator comes new ideas, new methods, and new life.  I tell everyone that I've ever taught:

"I am not the safest person even though I am a safey trainer.  I realize that in our line of work there a lot of dangers and we all have our own ways of dealing with those dangers.  In the time that you're with me we're going to talk about anything and everything that could go wrong and what OSHA has to say about it.  What you do with the knowledge you get from here is up to you."

And that is what I trully believe.  My job is to ensure that all the members of LU IBEW 1186 are taught all that they need to know in order to work safe. 

What they do when they leave our doors is completely up to them and up to the shops that they work for.  The job of the training office is to provide safety training and certifications that are needed so that all of our members are able to work on a job.  The enforcement of the training and the applicable laws invariably fall upon the shoulders of the companies.  OSHA states that it is the duty of the employer to ensure that their employees are working in accordance with OSHA standards.  It is the responsibility of the employer to monitor their employees and to take, if needed, any corrective measures to ensure they are in compliance.

This Blog is a chance for me to keep our members and our Signatory Contractors up to date about what is going on here at training and in the world of safety.  I will also post links and news updates to highlight any safety accidents that happen here at home in Hawaii.  Check back often and feel free to post your comments, questions, and concerns.


- Mahalo


Photo: Sunrise at our HCC Pole Yard where Oceanic Time Warner Employees are undergoing safety training for ladders and pole climbing.