Be Aware of the Dreaded Toolbox Talk

Those of you who have undergone our OSHA 30 training have no doubt heard my lesson on toolbox talks.  Most workers think it's just another item on the To-Do List that gets in the way of work and production.  Other times companies just put a note in the weekly paycheck or some generic safety sheet on a clipboard and tell everyone to read it and sign.  But does anyone actually read it?  There in lies the problem... How do you ensure the safety message is getting across to everyone?  In this day and age of smart phones, Facebook, Instagram, and mobile web a lot of the time your guys probably aren't even paying attention during your safety meetings.  So what do you do?  Sorry I can't help you there, but you DO need to get serious about it.

I've been warning everyone that I train that you as the Pusher, Foreman, or Person-In-Charge are responsible and therefore legally obligated when conducting these daily or weekly safety meetings.  Yes I am talking liability!  You need to make sure your workers are indeed listening and paying attention.  I warned everyone that OSHA could come along and ask you what you covered in your safety meetings and that they would even ask your workers what you talked about.  Well its finally come to be... I just got word last night from one of our CPR/First Aid instructors that Federal OSHA on Federal jobs are indeed doing that.  They are asking the foremen what was covered in the safety meeting and then talking to the workers to see if they were paying attention.  With the "partnership" between Fed OSHA and HIOSH it's only a matter of time before it comes to the private jobs on which most of us work.


Be Aware of the Dreaded Toolbox Talk!!!