CDL Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

The CDL Driver Improvement Program (DIP) applies to Training Fund Beneficiaries who have Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL).  This program has both a Classroom and Driving Session component.  Participants must have access to a Road Ready CDL vehicle for the Driving Component of this training program.  Surveys for DIP will be sent to Signatory Contractors periodically.  Please make sure to stay up-to-date with your DOT Medical Card as this will be required in order to be accepted into the Driver Improvement Program.

HRS 286-202.5 Driver Improvement Program

(a) "Every employer who employs a commercial motor vehicle driver who drives a motor vehicle with a gross weight rating in excess of ten thousand pounds shall provide for every such driver a driver improvement program... Any employer or job placement center that violates this subsection shall be fined not more than $500."


TYPE 3 Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

The driver improvement program appropriate for drivers that have Type 3 Licenses who are driving vehicles in excess of 10,000 GVWR is called:  Type 3 Driver Improvement Program (DIP).


PART I: "EVALUATION" (Minimum Required Points 5/Maximum 8)

HETF PROVIDES: Pre-Trip & Driver Evaluation Session


State Requirement Breakdown

3 Points-------1. Behind the wheel (2 hr. minimum requirement)

 -------------------Road Test

 -------------------Closed Course Performance

 -------------------Pre-Trip Inspection

3 points to be awarded for any one element with a maximum of 4 points for any combination in this block. Block includes numbers 1, 2, and 3.

------------------2. Simulator

 -----------------3. Tachograph (1/2 hour behind the wheel)

2 Points--------4. Driver Records (employer must keep track of records)


---------------------Accident Review Committee

---------------------Accident Analysis and Statistics

---------------------Violation Review

1 Point----------5. Medical Examination (driver must keep DOT physical card up-to-date)


1 Point----------6. Written (or oral) Tests  


PART II: "ANNUAL DRIVER SAFETY COURSES" (Minimum Required Points 3/Maximum 6)

HETF PROVIDES: 8-Hour Defensive Driving Session (Classroom)


 State Requirement Breakdown

3 Points--------1.  (a) Defensive Driving Course or 8 hour equivalent.

----------------------(b) Commentary Decision Driving - 8 hours.

----------------------(c) Slides & Audiovisual instruction - 8 hours.

3 points for any one element except #4. Block includes #1, 2, 3 & 4

 ------------------2. Tail Gate Sessions - 8 hours.

 ------------------3. Simulators - 8 ~ours.

  -----------------4. Teamster 200 Hour Driver Training or Equivalent


PART III: "OTHER ACTIVITIES" (Minimum Required Points 2/Maximum 5)

Employers are responsible for the "OTHER ACTIVITIES" portion.


State Requirement Breakdown

1 Point-----------1. Safe Driver Awards

2 Points----------2. Fleet Safety Performance (Accident rate of 5*; minimum mileage of 100,000 miles per year required for this element)

1 Point-----------3. Fleet Safety Contest

1 Point-----------4. Fleet Safety Organization