Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Up-Grade Listing 

                        * CDL B UN-Restricted                                

            to                                                        to         


* Type 3                   |                                  * CDL A-z



            to                                                       to

                         * CDL B Restricted 

*we are not currently offering upgrades past CDL A-z at this time* 

**Recommended that CDL holder spends at least 1-year with their license type before upgrading.**

At this time, all participants must be employer-sponsored to participate in this program.  A Road Ready vehicle must be available for all participants to complete the driving sessions associated with this program.  Please contact the Training Fund office for more detailed information at 847-0629 or toll=free at 1-800-622-3830 (neighbor islands).


HRS 286-202.5 Driver Improvement Program

(a)" Every employer who employs a commercial motor vehicle driver who drives a motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of ten thousand pounds shall provide for every such driver a driver improvement program…  Any employer or job placement center that violates this subsection shall be fined not more than $500."